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I now hold a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Creative Writing with a Screenwriting specialisation. I have completed five short movies shot on video each with a zero budget. Written a tv pilot script which was well received by the national tv station TVNZ, but it was passed on due to budget constraints. I also wrote 4 short novels (unpublished), a stage play, a book of poetry and 4 screenplays (unproduced.)

At my first college, I studied Television, Theatre and Radio for one year. While studying for the media certificate I became very involved in all areas of production: Co-writing, performing and touring for a children’s play. Writing ads, interviewing people, PR for the radio station, djing, recording and mixing audio – learning to use both the recording studio equipment and the radio broadcasting equipment. And operating the sound booth and a stationary camera at the tv station. I also became more involved in making short movies on video, improving my storytelling skills and writing scripts and shooting scripts, drawing storyboards as well as producing, organising casting, art direction and directing.

While studying at my second college, I had the opportunity to work on a student video game project as assistant producer and supported the writer with additional material. Unfortunately the project was not completed and the team disbanded as the other team members were also college students and became too busy to work on the project. While I was involved, I created a feature called “toxic goo” which involved chance-based mutations for characters which could be useful or negative depending on a digital dice roll. The toxic element could be transferred from environment to animal or character, from animal to character or from character to character. I also helped with the map and character development, and wrote a short adventure story-line.

When I was a child, I was already really into creative writing and making movies. The two things I wanted to be when I grew up were an inventor and a professional wrestler. So I studied martial arts for many years, until the pain of a stretched ligament in my knee on a forbidden high school excursion made me realise how intense the injuries could be for an athletic career. But my love of pro wrestling and Kung Fu has stayed. And I still enjoy inventing.

At my third college, I earned a level 6 diploma in creativity – mostly pencilling and Photoshop

I have been mentored by four published authors and a professional screenwriter. And have been writing large fiction manuscripts for 23 years.

I have helped 7 people with their scriptwriting projects in various mediums – tv, film, radio. I have only received positive feedback, however, after rebranding, I now only have two (both 5-star) reviews on my freelancer profile. I am uniquely affordable for someone with my experience and education, offering deals for reading a script and providing feedback from US$25

New Zealand poet and playwright Lynda Chan-wai Earle had some interesting and mostly positive things to say about my graduating manuscript. This manuscript became my first real novel. Not including the 300 page fantasy tome that I had written when I was thirteen (inspired by Stephen King’s It, Paul Bonner’s Nepharites in the Mutant Chronicles Game Universe and Magic: the Gathering,) but was not at a professional standard of writing.

This first real novel after college won a mentorship from the New Zealand Society of Authors in 2012, but was never finished. Recently I have become alot more disciplined at completing projects.

I’d like to do some science/math/design (and maybe coding) tutoring as a freelancer by the end of 2019.

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